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The Art of Make-Believe

Decorative painting is an exciting, artistic, dilemma-solving marvel. Just about any surface can become a work of art at the hands of the right artisan with the right toolkit of paints, mediums, brushes and other tools. Jane knows the right techniques to apply; loves the work and approaches each project with practiced skill, enthusiasm and integrity. Below are a few examples of faux finishes, murals and mise-en-scene.


Faux Finishes

Faux stone

faux pierre ollaire


Faux wood

faux oak doors

faux bois elevator door


Faux wood trompe l'oeil camoflage

trompe l'oeil speakers


Faux marble

faux marble




running chamoix for a mountain restaurant

chamois mural


coffee plantation

coffee mural


chrystal caving in mountains

cristaling mural


boxer x-training gym para la tigressa

boxer tiger mural


sunrise and mermaids

sunrise mural

om phoenix and the full moon

om-phenix mural


vineyards in gold and black

gold vineyards mural


smallest room in the house

angel toilet


mini-mural - la poste

la poste minimural


mini-mural - stag

stag mini mural


maroccan surf shop mural

berber mural


mountain bistro exterior

drapeau suisse mural


sweetshop mural

sweetshop mural


Mise en Scene

mise en scene bird stream


scenery for tropical komodo dragons

msn komodo enclosure


european forest for lynx and wolves

msn lynx and wolves


a quick rainforest background

msn rainforest


little trompe l'oeils

msn cow cat